Sydney based chef Mark Best is no stranger to Western Australia, or our black truffles. Known for his star turn on Netflix’s, The Final Table and for his lauded former restaurant Marque, he once called Norseman home. Since those formative days in the Goldfields he’s experienced the heights of the global restaurant world but still has a soft spot for WA, and Manjimup’s famous export. “Over the years I’ve predominantly used Manjimup black truffles as they were the first to market in a commercial sense,” says Best.

While his culinary reputation at Marque was at the forefront of Australian fine dining, Best shares with us a more homely dish for truffle season:  truffled macaroni cheese.

“It's almost sardonic, taking the idea of Mac n’ Cheese, an American junk food and elevating it with durum wheat pasta, these great cheeses, and of course the truffle,” says Best. “I’m using comte, gruyere and parmesan but really it’s a template. Look at what I’m doing technically, and substitute say local cheese, but just be sure that the quality is the same. Some people see the three cheeses on the recipe as one ingredient. It’s not, they’re three separate ingredients selected for flavour profile and melting point. I like this dish because truffle goes so well with dairy and I look to cook with truffle not just shave it on top.”