Elba, the stylish bar in Napoleon Street, has never had a reputation as a place to eat great food. That’s not a criticism. It’s just the way they roll. Talented young bar owner Harry Reiffer, has always had something to nibble on, to make sure the bold and the beautiful of postcode 6011, had something edible to give them respite from their prodigious drinking. But it was pretty basic.

Harry has bitten the proverbial bullet and launched a menu of consequence. Given the tiny kitchen and tight brief for bar-oriented food, we reckon the new bar menu is a corker.

We love the risotto, big time. Lamb meatballs in a rich sugo are also cracking good. But, Elba’s signature dish, curly fries – no, seriously – have been sent packing (sob). Bring ‘em back Harry.

Elba's meatballs in sugo

The upshot of the changes mean that should one wish for some sustenance after a few bottles of Dom Perignon, there’s now no need to leave the hip-n-happenin’ Elba. Have a risotto or some meatballs and return to the fray. Sounds like a perfect Friday night to us.

Elba's seafood risotto


Published: Wednesday March 28, 2018

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