Unanimously chosen, Cheeky Monkey’s Hazy is the result of 18 months development via the Surf Break series, a path which parallels maturation within the team, and new Vasse production brewery. Each release building upon the last; listening, refining, dialling in consistency, before unveiling Hazy as core range.

The sage-like approach being a welcome antidote to stylistic hype entropy, and one which has repeated punter experience in mind. Whether known or not, Hazy evidences a building relationship where trust guides gleeful enthusiasm, on both sides, to something technically better, more rewarding, and, ultimately, lasting.

Gorgeously vivid opacity holds a harmony of nostalgic tinned pineapple, over-ripe mango, sweet orange and subtle pine. Supple bitterness and carbonation. Juicy without weight. Alcohol warmth lingers. A generous, imminently drinkable beer, driven equally by levity and skill. Cheeky Monkeys.