The Heritage Wine Bar 2019 Winner

The wine list of the year will always be an exceptional document and in this regard the comprehensive list at The Heritage Wine Bar has excelled.

This year, we had the celebrated wine writer Mike Bennie on the WA Good Food Guide Team, ostensively to lead the judging for the WA Wine Of The Year award. But he also played a key role in assessing wine lists for this award.

He wrote in his final submissions to the judging panel that “the best wine lists have to be more than just encyclopaedic”.

In his comments on The Heritage Wine Bar’s list he went on to say:

Sommeliers and restaurant wine buyers need to assert a form of cultural overlay to stand out from the pack. They need to give drinkers a current and relevant drinking experience.

“In the case of The Heritage Wine Bar, it’s wonderful to see a wine list showcasing so emphatically, not only the classic backdrop of wines of Australia, but a diversity that has become expected for intrepid and curious wine lovers seeking to broaden their horizons.”

The Heritage Wine Bar list is a standout for its marriage of the avant-garde with a bedrock of fine wines from Australian and international winemaking superstars. It’s diverse, interesting, detailed and represents a distillation of professional know-how with inventiveness. It’s a list which breathes life into its entire business and is a standout for enjoyment of all things distilled, fermented and brewed.

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