Andy Freeman & Clint Nolan 2017 Winner

What does it take to be a first among hospitality operators?

Such a person has great creative vision. They do not follow trends, they create them. They are often copied, such is the ground-breaking nature of their venues. Their gift to the dining public is energetic, innovative venues which are at once exciting and clever.

Chefs, sommeliers and restaurant managers are the rock stars of the hospitality world and yet it is the operators – those who put their money, their houses and often their personal dreams on the block – who the industry couldn’t survive without.

The West Australian Good Food Guide jury thought long and hard about who to bestow this award upon and decided to award it twice. It was a photo finish between two of the city’s finest operators. The decision to confer two awards this year was self-evident, given the calibre of our winners. Both award recipients are entrepreneurs with vision, ambition and best-in-breed business skills. Between them they have nearly ten venues in Perth, all of them hugely popular and truly innovative.

Our winners of The West Australian Good Food Guide Hospitality Of The Year Award, presented by Estrella, are Andy Freeman and Clint Nolan.