Katie Chan 2019 Winner

Long Chim, Petition Kitchen, Petition Beer Corner, Petition Wine Bar and Merchant – Katie Chang

WA’s best front-of-house operators have – more than any other restaurant sector professionals – a direct and make-or-break relationship with the customer.

They are, unquestionably, a critical touch point for a restaurant or bar business and pivotal to the success of any hospitality venture.

Katie Chang is a senior front-of-house manager, running the floor for several venues in the State Buildings portfolio. Importantly – because you can’t win this award unless you’re on the tools – she takes to the floor regularly to deliver her seamless, customer-forward service. In doing so, she is training – by example – a new generation of waiters and front of house leaders.

Her skills and experiences are etched all over the restaurants she is responsible for. Being served at one of Katie Chang’s restaurants is a welcoming, energising customer experience.

Katie Chang: Thank you for your service.