Blaze Young 2019 Winner

Some chefs show their mettle early on.

Blaze Young was training to be a lawyer when she discovered commercial cooking. Lawyers wanting to be musicians, wine writers or chefs are almost a cliché, but when Blaze got the bug, it bit hard. And it was for real.

She was fortunate that her first boss and trainer was Kurt Sampson from Propeller in North Fremantle. Sampson is one of the most accomplished chefs in WA and 27-year-old Young found a deeper love of cooking and of middle eastern and spice cookery while working at the North Freo café for three years.

Propeller owner, Hamish Fleming – also a former Lawyer – told the WA Good Food Guide that although Young had no experience Kurt saw a ‘blaze’ of passion and intelligence peeping through her reserved demeanour and gave her a chance. Blaze proved to have an exceptional palate and a passion for cooking, and it wasn’t long before she was running her own section, Fleming said.

“We’re really proud of Blaze and look forward to watching her meteoric rise continue,” said Fleming.

Young moved on to Billie H. in Claremont and was there just three months when her new boss, and head chef, Alia Glorie saw her potentional. She was promoted to sous chef.

“She excelled really quickly,” Glorie said. “She’s got a great palate, is really personable and very driven.”

Glorie took Young along for the ride when she moved to open a new venture, Lions & Tigers in Fremantle.

Our Breakthrough Talent Award winner for 2019 looks to have a long and illustrious career ahead of her. Congrats, Blaze Young.

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