Foxtrot Unicorn 2021 Winner

When word got out in 2019 that bar veteran Dimitri Rtshiladze was opening his own place, expectations ran high. And while it’s one thing to live up to hype, it’s quite another to exceed it the way he and the ironclad crew have done at Foxtrot Unicorn. In less than two years, the CBD basement boozer has not only established itself as a fixture in the city’s bar scene, but also as one of the finest places to bend the elbow in the country. That’s due to the drinks, of course, which pay respect to the classics without ever overdoing it on cleverness. But more than that, it’s a testament to how all the other pieces of the puzzle – the spot-on soundtrack, those irreverent jaffles, that sea of memorabilia – fit together so effortlessly and align with a clear vision of what makes for great hospitality. The best part? It feels like just the beginning.